PeriTune: Music Materials Tag Organizer

A tool to more efficiently sort through PeriTune's collection of royalty-free music materials, via the implementation of a tagging system.

About PeriTune

PeriTune, a website launched in 2015 by Japanese composer Sei Mutsuki, contains a wealth of beautifully composed royalty free music materials, including several hundred free (no payment required to download/use) songs, with an extremely generous license (including permission for commercial use).

Mutsuki is evidently an extremely talented individual. These music materials span various genres and moods, and reach levels of quality that might be found in Disney film scores.

PeriTune is likely one of the most valuable free music libraries on the internet today, for individuals whose work requires immersive and emotional music.

About This Resource

At this time, sorting through PeriTune's bountiful collection of music materials, requires that one clicks from one material to the next, until the ideal music material is found. As such, to search for music that is of a particular genre or mood, is somewhat inefficient a process (even if the search tool found on PeriTune's website, is used).

Precisely this is what renders online music libraries such as Artlist and Soundstripe, so ideal to consumers: users can quickly search for and filter music via a tagging system, and can efficiently listen and sort through a variety of music from one page.

This resource aims to replicate such an experience, by allowing users to filter through PeriTune's collection of music via a tagging system that is similar to those used by the music libraries mentioned above.

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Tag Lookup Table

Once TagSpaces has been downloaded and set up, please refer to this table as needed to see what each tag represents/means.

# Tag Description Example of Song With Tag


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PeriTune's License

What is written below, briefly summarizes some aspects of PeriTune's licensing model, but should not be regarded as the actual license. Please review PeriTune's full licensing terms here.

Roughly translated into English, PeriTune's licensing model allows that:

- Music materials may be used without requesting permission, or submitting a usage report.
- Attribution is not required (but if possible, please do provide credits).
- Music materials may be used commercially.

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