Browser Games

A list of various games (mostly within the .io genre) that can be played in your browser.
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GreaterGood: Click to Give

Simply click to donate (for free) to various causes. Limit of one click per cause, per two hours.


Answer questions relating to numerous categories (culture, history, language learning, math, science, etc.) and donate 10 grains of rice for every correctly-answered question (for free).


The board game Incohearent, but in your browser: try to pronounce and decode the actual meaning behind "gibberish" sentences.

Google Quick Draw

Given a random prompt, draw an image (from memory) with the goal of having it be recognized by an AI.

Basket Bros

2D basketball.


Unlock letters with which you create words and obtain points. As more letters are unlocked, players can steal other players' words by extending them.

Table Tennis Ultimate

Play virtual table tennis against various different Cartoon Network characters, in one of three gamemodes:
• mini cup (6 different opponents);
• full cup (13 different opponents);
• or quick game (1 opponent).

Poop Fight

A fake-multiplayer game in which you and three other players (bots) jump out of bathroom stalls and throw poop at one another. Last one standing wins.


Enter five-letter words, with the goal of guessing the correct word. Colour indicators after each guess, provide information to assist in guessing the correct word.
At midnight (local time) daily, the word resets (changes).


Wordle, but with more gamemodes and options (including multiplayer).
Guess five-letter words, and receive information (via colour indicators) after each guess, to assist in guessing the correct word(s).

As your block of paper moves, it leaves behind a paper trail. Areas can be outlined with this trail, after which the area is obtained (and added to your score).

Where Am I?

Based on a Google streetview image of (almost) anywhere in the world, the player must try to deduce where they are on a map.

Soccer Physics

Play soccer against bots, but with only a single movement: jumping.

Beginning as a tiny worm, collect and eat small dots, and trap and eat other worms to grow in size and leaderboard position.

A "retro" alternative to, in which your goal is to take over the map (in numerous chunks, by fully outlining certain areas to obtain them).
On occasion, input controls are delayed or not recognized.

Pong 2

The classic game of Pong: table tennis, but slower and 2D.


Players take turns drawing lines, in an attempt to form as many triangles as possible.

Guess Who

Each player is assigned a specific character; guess who the other character is, before they guess who you are!
Games are very quick as there exist a limited number of pre-written questions.

Pictionary, but online: given a specific prompt, one player draws, as others guess what is being drawn.

Pictionary, but online: given a specific prompt, one player draws, as others guess what is being drawn.
Offers various themes for prompts (with support for making your own if signed-up).

Connect 4

Be the first player to have four chips placed in a row.


Shoot and aim to take down all of your opponent's ships, before they take down yours.
This version also includes two special upgrades that can be purchased for score points.


A geography game in which a region (or multiple regions) of countries is selected, and the player aims to find the countries on a map.

Click That 'Hood!

A geography game based not on continents or countries, but cities and neighbourhoods: the player selects a region (from an extensive list of countries), and aims to find the location(s) they're being quizzed on, on a map.


A strategic tower-defense game, in which your goal is to upgrade your base and keep it protected from zombies.
Multiple gamemodes are offered.


An FPS game in which you can play various different gamemodes or minigames, queuing up either with strangers or friends.
Krunker is by default a shooter game, but also offers thousands of other user-created mini games.

Fall guys, but in your browser: complete various minigames against other players, and avoid being eliminated by making it to the finish before others.
Private lobbies (with only friends) do not exist; users in a party will automatically join the same lobby.

Appraisir: The Home Price Guessing Game

Based on images and additional details of a house, try to guess its worth, and gain points for accuracy.
Appraisir does not have a built-in multiplayer mode: playing with others in a voice call (with screensharing) is ideal.

Slenderman Multiplayer

A pixelated recreation of the Slenderman horror game, in which players must collect 8 pages before Slenderman finds all players.
The role of Slenderman can be given to a specific user, randomly decided, or played by an AI.


Run around the map and be the last person standing as tiles fall benath you as you walk over them.
Server response time is sometimes delayed.

Use your soldiers to strategically take over all of the castles before your opponent does.


Drive around the arena and pick up weapons that can be used to defeeat other players.

Mini Golf Club

An advanced 3D golf game (comparable to Golf With Your Friends), in which you play as a ball, with the goal of completing each course with as few strokes as possible.


A minimalist 2D golf game, in which your objective is to complete each level with as few strokes as possible.

Virtual Vacation (City Guesser)

View videos taken from various locations around the world, and try to guess where the videos were recorded.


Learn and test your knowledge on various geographical topics: flags, capital cities, trivia, and more.


A unique battle game, in which your mouse cursor fights against other cursors, using various attacks, and dodging others'.


A parkour game in which you must navigate through a course with your keyboard, without falling out of the map. The player who makes the most progress to the finish line, wins.


Monopoly, but in your browser: roll dice and move around the board, purchasing and upgrading properties with the goal of strategically dominating the board.

Golf Royale

You are a golf ball. Try to get yourself in the hole in the fewest number of strokes, on various different maps.

Wiki Speedrun

Beginning at one Wikipedia article, aim to reach the destination article, only moving from one article to the next via hyperlinks.
When playing with others, the goal is to be the first to reach the destination article.

As a black hole, move around the map and swallow objects and players to grow bigger.

Beginning as a tiny blob, collect and eat smaller blobs to grow in size and leaderboard position.
Though players can join lobbies with friends, there is currently no way to natively create private servers.


A memory game in which you flip cards and try to match their symbols (emojis).


Given a series of emojis, try to decode and translate what they mean, into words.
Different categories are also available! (Catan)

Strategically place structures and roads around the map, and gain points by upgrading structures and unlocking achievements.

Robot Interrogation

A recreation of the board game Inhuman Conditions: two players are given the role of either Interviewer or Suspect.
The Suspect must convince the Interviewer that they are human; the Interviewer must determine whether or not this is true.

Count Together

Keep count of how many creatures run past you, with levels growing progressively more difficult.
Players lose points based on the difference between their final number and the actual number. Last one standing wins!

Pretend You're Xyzzy

A browser-based Cards Against Humaniy clone: given a prompt, use cards in your deck to respond and create the funniest or most random combinations, and gain points when your combination is voted as the best.

Several games — Word Race (similar to a word search), Four in a Row (Connect 4), Rotten Apples (Cards Against Humanity), and Checkers — all playable on a single website.


Search the world for various items, situations, etc. (from a pre-created list), racing your opponent(s) to find as many as possible before the time runs out.
After the timer, players can see what their opponents found and vote whether or not their findings are sufficient.


Verse other players in a physics-based soccer game, similar to air hockey.


Fill in various prompts beginning with a certain letter. Once the time runs out, you can see (and vote on) your opponents' answers.

Never Have I Ever

See a prompt, answer whether or not you have done it, and see what your friends answer. Works best in a voice call.
The limited number of pre-made prompts leads to repetition after playing for an extensive amount of time.

Make It Meme

Given a meme template, come up with and vote for the funniest caption.


Answer multiple-choice questions with friends, and try to guess (based on what you know about them) what their answer was. Works best in a voice call.
Many different multiple-choice categories are available, and signed-up users can make their own.


Each team's board contains differently categorized cards. Players must provide hints that allow teammates to guess their team's correct cards, while staying away from black cards.
How to play: Cooperative (2-3 player), Team VS Team (4+ player).

PostitGuess (What Am I?)

Each player gives a role (i.e. a character or object) to another player. Each player's goal is to guess who/what they are, by asking yes or no questions about themselves to their opponents. Works best in a voice call.

Set with Friends

A puzzle card game, in which players aim to find as many sets ("a combination of three cards such that for each of the four features [colour, shape, shading, and number], the variants of that feature expressed by the three cards are either all the same or all different"), as possible.


UNO, but in your browser: each player is given cards with a number and colour; their goal is to get rid of these cards as fast as possible.

Snakes & Ladders

The Snakes & Ladders board game, but in your browser: roll a dice and navigate across the board, as you climb ladders and fall down snakes, with the goal of being the first player to reach the end of the board.

A website containing two games — BombParty and PopSauce.
In the former, players turns coming up with words contain a set of arbitrary letters; in the latter, players participate in pop-culture trivia, guessing what certain images convey.

Fake Artist Online

All players with the exception of the fake artist, see the same prompt. Players take turns adding strokes to an illustration depicting the prompt. After a few rounds, players guess who the fake artist is, and the fake artist can guess what the prompt is.

Gartic Phone

Various games, all based on
Gamemodes include normal, in which players alterntively draw and guess what other drawings are; secret, in which players cannot see what they are drawing; score, in which players vote on drawings, etc.


All players (except the spy) receive a card with the same location. The Spy's goal is to figure what the location is, as players take turns asking questions to figure out who the spy is.
The easiest way to learn how to play, is by watching one of these videos.

draw battle!

Pictionary, but online and with two separate teams: given a specific prompt, one player from each team draws, as their teammates aim to guess what is being drawn before the other team.

An extremely well-built Among-Us inspired social deducation game: Crewmates complete tasks around the map, and attempt to determine who amongst them is a Betrayer. is also integrated as a separate game.

A relaxing fishing simulator, with an in-built chat feature to meet and speak with other people.